Why is the Internet YOUR window to the world?

Whatever products and/or services you have to offer, someone else has the same products or services to offer as well. They could be down the street, across the continent or across the world. The World Wide Web offers YOU the opportunity to reach any and everyone through advertising your business opportunities.

When your doors are closed, the Web is still open . . . 24 / 7 . . . twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Anyone anywhere who has access to a computer and the Internet can find you and see if the products or services you have to offer is what they need. Than, when your business is open, they can come and request them. Or, for your AND their convenience you can provide forms to fill out to place orders for those who can't come directly to your establishment.

Imagine . . .

You could make contacts with people from Europe, Asia and The Land Down Under. We have clients across this continent that were established through the Internet. The Internet bridges any gap there ever was between communication of international peoples. These folks could become future business partners and/or clients. Think of it! And . . . where do you think the term "web" came from? These potential clients can spread the word faster through their web of contacts/influence and those contacts can spread the word to their contacts . . . and those contacts can . . . get the picture . . .

But Remember This . . .

First impression ARE everything. The corporate identity you present to your potential clients IS the most important part of your marketing strategy. In today's Information Technology world there are two important impressions that you can make through the:

  • Internet
  • Printed Material
  • Multimedia

As was stated, the Internet is the window of opportunity to ALL the world. If you close this window or never even open it, you could end up shutting your doors permanently.
Also, everyone wants a "presence" on the web and almost anyone can create a web site. That "presence" again, is THAT first impression your potential clients will see. If they get lost while navigating through your site . . . if the text and background clash so much that they get a headache or the page layout causes they to scroll horizontally . . . congratulations, you hired an amateur to create the most important impression you will ever want to impart . . . and many of these potential FUTURE clients are out of here and on to YOUR competition. Have a professional design the image you want to project ~ not an amateur.


Printed Material
Your corporate ID through the creation of a logo that represents who you are is placed on several forms of printed material. This logo composition is your handshake to every potential customer and again, designed by someone who knows the ins & outs of this business and has the creative intuition to market & target your future customers is what you need. You get what you pay for and by cutting corners, your future clientele will assume that you will treat them with the same . . . cheaply and without respect.

Examples of printed materials:

  • Business Cards
  • Letterhead Packages
  • Brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Mailers
  • Signage
  • Vehicle Graphics
  • and Promo Items like Fliers, banners & posters, cups & mugs etc.

Creating presentations of your products/services in an animated multimedia production with sound & music gives the element of excitement to your clients. We put the presentation on a CD in an executable file that you can bring anywhere and give your audience an up close opportunity to see what, how, why and who you REALLY are.


Bowzer Bird Design will help you develop and design any of these marketing tools from concept inception through finished production to create the professional image your future clientele will expect you to convey and implement.

Email us or call 360-683-5102 for further info on how we can be of assistance to your design projects.

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