The Saga of Maxwell and Elle Cat

Maxwell's Limousine Service

Our Maxwell emails Elle's parents to ask permission to date her and tells of his chivalrous intentions to treat Elle with the most respect and courtesy. They of course think he's the "Cat's Meow" and BTW, love his black limo! It's a go . . . . and Max goes to their house to pick up Elle for their first date!


Maxwell Takes Elle on their first date

Maxwell picks up Elle for their first date and Elle's parents look on with approval. After all, this IS their daughter and she must be taken care of properly. They set the curfew for midnight. Maxwell will have Elle in on time because he is very responsible, and Elle deserves the BEST!


Maxwell and Elle Dress Up

On another occasion, Maxwell takes the limo up to the campground and stays in spot 6. Elle and Maxwell dress up for each other. Their love is growing and their parents frequently discuss the relationship between their children.


Elle sent a pic to Max and he puts it on wall

Elle sent Maxwell a picture and he asks Dad [in back ground reading newspaper] if he can put it on the kitchen wall where he has a "Cat's-eye-view" of his girl. He's watching a show about famous cats in Northern California and Elle was the star of the show. "Datsa my goil", he says!

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