Who Writes Viruses Anyway?

The following links are taken from Sarah Gordon's web site on the "Mind of the Virus Writer." The information she has researched is copyrighted [©] and should not be reproduced without her permission. I have just created links to her site and the information about the mind of the virus writer. Find out about Sarah Gordon before visiting her web site.

The Generic Virus Writer
The Generic Virus Writer II
Inside the Mind of Dark Avenger 
Who Writes This Stuff?
Viruses in the Information Age
Virus Writers: The End of the Innocence?
What a Winword Concept
F-HARE I wrote the documentation for DataFellows 
Faces behind the Masks

Sarah works in various IT Security areas. She is Board of Directors of the WildList and involved in development of anti-virus software test criteria & methods.