Lynne Whitfield's Testimony on her Weight Loss Journey

Lynne Whitfield Before
Lynne Whitfield After

I have always had a weight problem and have been on every diet imaginable. I have always been a junk food junkie. If it was sweet or loaded with fats I was after it. The only diet that worked for me was the see food diet. If I could see it, I would eat it.
My top weight is 252 and although active I was miserable. I hated to look at myself in the mirror and I lied to everyone about how much I weighed. My build is solid, so I am able to get away with it. The only person I couldn’t lie to was me. As my clothes reached size 22 I knew I would have to go on a diet. Problem with that is, if I tell myself I am on a diet, I will fail.
My Mother, Helen, has been after me for years to quit eating bread, potatoes, pasta and rice. Well guess what, they are my favorite foods. Give them up? Oh please, cut my arms off or something. Well as you can guess, it took something big to wake me up. My Mother was diagnosed with lung cancer in December. By April she was going to have surgery. To add some more stress to this situation, my husband has an affliction called RSD. This is a very debilitating disease that is ravaging most of his body now. Considering I needed to be the strong one, I was not in very good shape.
The day of my Mom’s surgery, I decided I had to change me. If it was going to work, I had to have the willpower to overcome the food that I had come to rely on. As I started that day with her in surgery, I came to an agreement with myself. I was going to get healthy. It was going to have to be a total commitment. There was not going to be any, ok, you can cheat just a little. When I put my mind to it, I will go into it full force. I believe in the power of your mind. Also, how bad do you want it?
Later as I was standing in the checkout line at the grocery store, I noticed Woman’ World and it said they could help me lose lots of weight. So I picked it up and started on my way. I felt that I could do this. My family needed me to be able to handle everything and I wasn’t going to fail them. Since that day, I have changed my life and the way I eat. I am eating to live and be healthy. Of course, I have already dropped 71 pounds and I have a goal of 30 more. Changing eating habits was only the first step. I know that it takes more, so I started doing exercises in my kitchen. As my strength grew, I started working out with Richard Simmons. That was fine for awhile but I knew that I was becoming bored. I had heard of Curves and decided that would be something different and added walking 3 times a week also. Since I have joined Curves I have lost 15 pounds and lots of inches. I now wear a 14 and I am headed into a 12 soon.
I still follow the basics for myself because that works for me. I still can’t bring myself to eat anything that I shouldn’t. I guess that is called willpower and it is a strong force if you let it.