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Splash Screen Introduction to Bowzer Bird Design
Abstract Designs [Flash] Flash abstractions
Ad Campaigns Campaign brochures for clients
"Curves" of Auburn California Encouraging those on their weight loss journey!
Animation Studio The main page for the animation studio
Perfect Storm
Parody on "The Perfect Storm"
Bill & Wayne
2 guys at a Christmas party
Retort System
Animated ad for client
WTC Memorial
Memorial for ALL of US[A]
Elle Cat
See Elle [cat] use a computer
Valerie Memorial
Memorial for ALL cancer patients
Elephant Poop
. . . . Somebody's gotta do it
Brochures / Banners Art work from BBD
Importance of Company Image What does your "image" convey?
Importance of Internet It's the "window" to your world
Letterhead Design Art work from BBD
Logo Development Art work from BBD
Meet The Staff [Arteest!] Meet Ellen
New Designs & Concepts Abstractions & Avant Garde
Links Outside This Site Links to cool stuff
Photography Portfolio Main page to Photo Portfolio
1st Animated Portfolio
Flash animation w/music
2nd Animated Portfolio
Flash Animated-no music
Non-Animated "Roast"
Remember roasts from the '60's?
Projects Another main link to abstracts
Feedback Let us know what you think . . .
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Saga of Maxwell & Elle The courtship of two cats!
War on Viruses [NEW] Help on prevention of virus infiltration, definitions and more info than you can imagine!
Adobe User Forum Covering Adobe Products: ex. Photoshop, InDesign, LiveMotion, Premiere, After Effects, PageMaker and Acrobat.