Sono una animatrice pazzo, il normale è molto noioso!
[ I am one crazy animator, normal is very boring ]

These animations were done for clients, friends and well, just for fun. They all take on an average of 1 - 2½ minutes to download (at 56kb) for viewing so please be patient. Watch your "Status Line" at the bottom of the page and you can see the percent (%) that has been loaded. Each Image is also a linked to the animation. Either click the link text or the graphic for viewing. At the end of some of the movies, it says to hit your "Esc" key to prevent looping. Please Ignore this statement. You will need FLASH to view this website. Link for Flash Plugin
A Cartoon based on the lives of Gertrude & Bowzree Bird. Bowzree has to "wing it." Takes approx. 2½ minutes to load and is 699kb. Image to Right is also link to cartoon.
Adventures of Gertrude and Bowzree
World Trade Center Memorial
After 9-11-2001 we all wanted to do something, anything to help those less fortunate then we who survived. This is a memorial to those who didn't. It takes about 1½ minutes to load and is 451kb. Graphic to left is also link.
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A friend sent this photograph of a circus employee . . . well . . . performing an unusal but necessary task. I couldn't resist "manipulating" it a bit. Ho Ho! It takes about 30 seconds to load and is 115kb.
Catching Elephant Poop
Bill and Wayne ~ One Christmas
A friend sent a Christmas Email and I JUST couldn't resist AGAIN doing damage to the original. It takes about 35 seconds to load and is 155kb.
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Called "The Perfect Silly Storm," this animation is based on a "roast" between 2 Pastors, Doug & John. Needless to say, I provided John with the "Ammo" he needed to fight his side of the "roast." It takes about 1 minute to load and is 364kb.
Parody on "The Perfect Silly Storm"
Elle Cat from Cleone Campground
I created "Cleone Campground's" web site and got to know the managers quite well. They have a kitty, Elle, who "helped" me with the web site creation. But because of too much coffee consumption, she does sort of go off the edge. It takes about 1½ minutes to load and is 340kb.
A client of mine, owner of "My Smart Print," needed a presentation to demonstrate his "Retort Bag" product. It takes about 1½ minutes to load and is 339kb.
MyPrint's Retort Bag Project
Dedicated to ALL cancer victims A friend, Val, lost her struggle with cancer and went home to be with her Lord, Jesus. The animation takes about 4 minutes to load, and is 2.6 megs. There's music in the background so have your speakers on. Also, this is dedicated to ALL cancer victims, survivors and family & friends.
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Here is a chance to interact with a Bowzer Bird. Help Bowzree dress for the day by moving the individual items on top of him. He would appreciate not being naked in public. He's too modest for a nudist colony!