Logo Development and Design is a process of conceptualizing a graphic representation that will represent a trademark for a product or service you will provide for your future clients. As we review your target audience, the image you want to convey and the products/services you provide for your clients, together we can come up with a logo that will set you apart from the mainstream.
This page will be periodically updated with new designs and concepts....please come back!

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Discovery Productions Logo
Discovery Productions, a production team for Christian venues helps organize and produce music events such as Teen Mania and Acquire the Fire and other concerts.
To see their web site click this link!
This is their web page and you can click on the link to go directly to it for information about the services they provide. Mark Twalks is the owner.
EVI's Logo
Electric Vehicle Infrastructure, Inc., located in Auburn Ca., provides Conductive Charge Stations for electric vehicles (EV's). I reconstructed this logo from another similar logo.
To see their web site click this link!
EVI's web site, provides technical information and software updates for its distributors and clients. The graphic is a link to their site.
Tricycle Logo
A logo concept for the rock band "Tricycle" that I did for a poster for Discovery Productions. The poster can be viewed on the 'Brochure/Fliers" page.
Olive Tree Ministries
Olive Tree Ministries is an outreach to Christian Jews and will soon have a web site for information and studies.
Kanji Logo Design
A Kangi, the design to the left is a Japanese form of signature. This logo is for an architectural landscaping service providing Japanese design concepts.
Fuel Cell Infrastructure Logo
Fuel Cell Infrastructure, Inc. will provide another alternative to gas powered vehicles through a water system. We are in the developing stage for the logo.

MyPrint Logo design #1MyPrint Logo design #2


"MyPrint," a Smart Card company in Ohio, was searching on the Internet for someone to redesign their logo. They chose Bowzer Bird Design , and the two designs here, emerged from the logo development. Randall Krugh, CEO, chose the first one as their final choice.
This isn't a logo but a plug for "TeddyCrafters" where you "create" your own bear ~ stuff him, clothe him AND accessoriZe him!
From L-R ~ Earl Perelman l l, SchleppBear and Earl Perelman l. Also, these bears are dedicated to Valarie Peterson, a dear friend with cancer and ALL cancer victims. We love you, VAL !!
John Coulter, a real estate agent needed a new logo design!

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