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Logos by the Dozen
Logos portray business images. It sets the position and interpretation of your company. With that in mind, look around you and count the logos you see. Look at the products in your house: your computer mouse, radio, bath towels, T-shirt, shoes, clothing tags, even your toothbrush and hairdryer. The logo's distinct distinct image reminds you of a product or service. On your next driving excursion, as you look around, almost all of the products you use are identifiable by their logos or trademarks.

Distinct Identity
Good or great logos you remember because they've made an impression. They rise above their competitors in places like shopping malls, where there can be up to 40,000 different logos and packages. The impact of a logo can mean the difference between the success of your business or that of your competitor.

Small Business Challenge
Small businesses especially must meet the challenge of creating a long lasting solid first impression. When focusing on establishing a corporate identity for a startup or small business goals are formulated, business plans are instituted and a specific image is realized. But the logo identity is so often haphazardly given a "back burner" mentality and thoughtlessly designed. The Genesis of the logo design and its finalization into a well crafted image will convey to the public that this company cares about they image they project.



Logo Design Conception
Bowzer Bird Design will help you achieve that unique corporate identity concept. High quality design output is important to your business. A positive first impression will increase the potential for possible future business relationships. After thoroughly researching your business or product, we design a logo with several factors in mind.
  1. Identification of Focus
    The service(s) you offer is more important then the products you sell. For example, a cellular company selling phones imprinted with their name would need a logo reflecting this service. This is called the Logical Focus Point (the main aspect, service, product or consultation the company offers). A consulting firm may have a broader focus on the businesses it will target. The logo's artistic quality must be attention getting in order to make a lasting impression. It must show the company's strength and qualities. It mustn't be too eclectic or strange, but rather unique in a crowd of many others. When identifying with the business image there must be an obvious connection and association.

  2. Mechanics
    The logo or slogan has to be simple and short, yet very easy for even the subconscious mind to remember. Complex multicolor logos can be "eye catchers", but not very practical. Four color process is more expensive than spot color: choosing for example, two spot colors is more practical. The average small business will usually require a color logo that can be read when printed and viewed at one inch on a fax machine, printed on brochures, business cards, letterheads or for the web. Line structure in the logo conveys a certain "character" the company is trying to project. Curved lines depict a soft caring and support specialist type business. Straight sharp lines impart a bold image of say a high tech company or rapidly growing business with strength of character and security. Conveying both a supportive yet ambitious rising business using straight and curved lines can incorporate the two.

  3. Society and Surroundings
    Today is temporal. To design a contemporary logo that can "stand the test of time" and not require constant revision, we analyze the image you want to convey to your clients and design a graphic representation that accents and correlates with the local demographic.

  4. Geographical Location
    Demographics is important. Many 'BIG" companies are trying to communicate a "small town" image to attract those intimidated by "Big Business.". A local bank offering services for the community will have a different impact on its clients than will a national "B of A". Area non-mobile businesses can develop more personable relationships with a local bank. Big can discourage those who are looking for a small "lake" to row in rather than an open directionless "sea." Finding the perfect balance between the two, is the solution.

  5. Age
    The age of your target audience is an important factor to consider. Conservative adults usually are not attracted to teenage styles . . . Baby-Boomers vs. The "X" Generation. Attention spans of teens or college age can be reduced to a few seconds . . . Many commercials reflect this in the rapid slide show effect of flashing images and fast upbeat tempos. Companies choose easy to remember slogans and simplistic logos (example: Nike, Just Do it, the Swoosh). Again, your target audience plays an important factor in "who" the logo is designed for.

  6. Color
    Successful designs come from carefully chosen colors with the right contrast, tone or tint. Color can attract you to or repel you away from buying a product. Ever go to a web site where the text conflicted with the back ground to the point of almost giving you an instant headache? Bright isn't always beautiful or attractive, it can cheapen the product to the point of counterfeit. Bowzer Bird Design uses a combination of elements to create an effect that will attract.

  7. Sex
    Male and females interpret their visual worlds differently. Compare a hair salon logo with the one for the local bar & grill across town. Tastefully incorporating a specific gender style will attract more precisely those interested in the product. This is true for a Real Estate firm, movie house or shopping mall. Often this part of the design concept ignored by many designers, thus creating a mixed and confusing image of a logo.

Bowzer Bird Design offers different design plans for your company's web site needs. From a basic, simple, informative web site, to deluxe, graphic intensive innovative multimedia animation, our design team will brainstorm with you to establish the most accurate image your company wants to project and the target audience you want to attract.

Because each client has different needs, budget limitations and conveyance, web sites can vary in page content and size. Flat rate quotes are just not possible. Because of this, Bowzer Bird Design can give a more accurate estimate on web site design only after discussing the site with the client and determining what type of presence they want and what they expect from their web site. We hope this added information is insightful to your furture design needs.

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