More Adanced Stuff For Those who are NOT Technically Challenged!
[Much of this advice is strictly for advanced users]
1. Preventing Email from "seeing" Scripting viruses:
If an attachment has a VBS or other scripting extension, you can prevent your Email Program from even "seeing" the attachment in the first place.
Go into Explorer / Tools / Folder Options / File By Type. Find references to Microsoft's Visual Basic Script [VBS] and delete the file extensions. Warning: If you don't know what you are doing or how to recognize the extensions, don't perform this proceedure.
Here is a link on the Net that explains exactly what proceedures to follow for each OS. Scroll to # 5 and click the link. [8/15/2002]:
Disabling Windows Scripting Host
2. Editing the "Registry"
Select <Start> <Run> <Type REGEDIT> Hit Enter
This is strictly for ADVANCED WINDOWS USERS ONLY. If you suspect a virus invasion, that requires editing the Regedit, the instructions will be given by the AV software program you are using to either delete a "key" or change its information [key name - key value etc.].
3. I downloaded a bullelin [PDF form] from Virus Bulletin's web site that shows how viruses are deisgned, how they enter a file, how they travel through the computer and how they "mask" themselves from AV software. I'm not a "coder" but this fascinated me to learn what "hoops" AV software developers have to go through to figure out how the virus/worm etc. was created. Virus writers are quite adept at evasive concepts using assembly software to create thier bombs.
Here's the <LINK> to the PDF.

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