Site Map for "On The War Path Against Virus Creators"


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Home Why this site was created
Main Why you need Virus Scanning Software
Firewalls Explained What they are and the importance of using one especially if you have DSL or other high [open line] bandwidth. Also, for Networks.
Viruses Defined What are viruses, worms, trojans and how they work
Virus Writers The mind of the virus writer [psychological profile]
Useful Links Further investigation ~ Links outside this site
Tips & Tricks & FAQS Tips & Tricks to avoid the virus invasion from the start
Email Contacts These email addresses will provide additional help BUT PLEASE use with discretion, they are VERY busy developing and designing the software we use to eradicate and prevent virus invasion.
Virus Bulletin Prevalence Table Infofeed Lists all the latest viruses at present and in the wild
Trend Micro Does the same as Virus Bulletin - Compare the two!
Advanced Techy Tips Warning: Only use these tips if you are an advanced cumputer user. This is NOT for the novice!
Question and Answer and Feedback Page Do you have questions for us? We would appreciate your feedback on how informative this portion of the Bowzer Bird Design site was.
Virus Code This page just shows how easy it is to get the actual virus code.
Ports Ports are being scanned by hackers / crackers
When invasion occurs, what to do I've been invaded by a virus / worm . . . . Now, what do I do?
A Virus Prevention Primer Various tips to prevent virus invasion
Spam What IS spam and how to prevent it
Corporate Spam How to fight Corporate spam
More Links Below — [to configure McAfee and Norton — so far: PC-Cillin and F-Prot will come soon]
McAfee How to Use McAfee's Scan Engine [all McAfee links]
McAfee McAfee's Main Interface
McAfee Select Background Scan Settings
McAfee McAfee Advanced Settings
McAfee Email Scan Properties
McAfee How to Configure the HAWK Module for OutLook
McAfee Download Scan Properties
McAfee Select a Location to Scan
McAfee Internet Filter Properties
Norton Main Norton AV's Main Window
Norton LiveUpdate Norton AV's LiveUpdate instructions
Norton Options How to Configure Norton through the Options Box
Norton Rescue Disks How to Create a Rescue Disk Floppy Set
McAfee Pick a task [scan computer/change scan settings]
McAfee Scan Settings [Configuring for Drives etc.]
McAfee Pick Type of Settings to Change [configure VShield]
McAfee System Scan Properties