Bowzer Bird Design and Animation Studio Presents:

Watch a Demo of what you will learn

The Virus Prevention Training Seminar, covering the following areas:

  • What viruses, worms and trojans are.
  • How viruses enter your computer.
    [Through email attachments, floppies, CD's, networks, etc.].
  • How malicious code can destroy your files.
  • What email spoofing, port scanners and Denial of Service attacks are.
  • The mind of the virus writer ~ who writes this stuff?
  • Why you need Anti-Virus [AV] software and discussing the two most respected programs [McAfee & Norton].
  • How to configure your AV software.
  • Firewalls [hardware and software ~ how to use and configure each. Which should I use?
  • What is Spam and how to avoid it.
  • Tips and tricks to avoid invasion and protection measures for prevention.
  • Oh no! I got a virus, what do I do??
  • A Question & Answer period after the seminar

This Seminar will take approximately two hours before the Q & A

Please contact Bowzer Bird Design Studio [or phone: 360-683-5102 ~ Sequim Washington USA]

____Seminar Cost:____
$300 setup fee plus $50 per person. This seminar is a wonderful tool for small businesses using a network. Employees of your company will learn safety procedures for virus prevention. You as an employer will benefit from educating your employees on how to keep your network environment clean and healthy!
The cost of this Seminar can potentially save you hundreds of dollars and more important . . . downtime of your network!
The company owner can attend for free!

We are in the beginning stages of this seminar and can only cover the Seattle Washington area, but . . . .

As the seminar popularity grows, we will expand the area. Statistics have shown that viruses spread globally emanating more from individuals and small businesses because larger corporations can afford more powerful and intricate firewalls. Your small business can benefit from this seminar. What you pay here will save you the potential hundreds / thousands in damages accrued through virus invasion repairs.

Pay now and save rather than trying to save your network and paying through the nose to fix it!

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