Email Addresses of Contacts Who Help Fight Virus Invasion:

Please use discretion when contacting these folks as they are VERY busy designing and developing the software we use to prevent and eradicate those nasty pests. [If I get ANY complaints from ANY of these folks, I will remove this page ~ so, again, PLEASE be considerate of their time.

Organization Country AVAR Regional Office Representative
[Mr] Seiji Murakami Chairman President, JCSR/JCSA Japan AVAR Japan office
[Mr] Allan Dyer President Chief Consultant, Yui Kee Computing. Ltd. Hong Kong AVAR Hong Kong Office
[Mr] Charles Ahn Vice President CEO AhnLab, Inc. Korea AVAR Korea office
[Ms] Karen Cheung Vice President Business Development Manager, Yui Kee Computing. Ltd. Hong Kong AVAR Hong Kong office
[Mr] Motoaki Yamamura Vice President Group Development Manager, Symantec USA
[Mr] Subramanya Rao Vice President Proland Software India AVAR India office
[Mr] Randy Abrams Vice President Microsoft USA
[Mr] David Banes Vice President Manager, SARC Asia Pacific, Symantec Australia AVAR Australia office
[Mr] Ikuo Yamashita Director Technical Information, C & G Co. Japan
[Mr] Yoshihiro Yasuda Director Technical Department, Network Associates USA
[Mr] Seok-Chul Kwon Director President, HAURI Inc, Korea
[Mr] Motoi Endo Director Anti virus researcher,JCSR/JCSA Japan
[Ms] Harumi Kenjo (Sugimura) Director Administrative Assistant, JCSR/JCSA Japan
[Mr.] Shigeru Ishii Director IPA: Information-technology Promotion Agency Japan
[Mr] Richard Ku Product Manager, Trendmicro USA
[Mr] Ieta Chi Product Manager, Trendmicro Taiwan
[Mr] Joe Hartmann Trendmicro USA
[Mr] Yuji Hoshizawa SARC Japan, Symantec Japan
Tianjin Quality Testing and Inspection Service Tianjin Quality Testing and Inspection Service, China (Corporate member) China
AhnLab, Inc. Corporate member Korea
HAURI Inc. Corporate member Korea
JCSR/JCSA Corporate member Japan
[Mr] Davies K.T. Pioneer Micro Systems Pvt. Ltd. India
[Mr] Kenneth Bechtel Team Anti-Virus USA
[Prof.] Chi-Sung Laih National Cheng Kung University Taiwan
IPA: Information-technology Promotion Agency Corporate member Japan
[Mr] Masahito Gotaishi Global Security Experts Inc. Japan
[Mr] Jong Purisima Trend Micro Incorporated Philippines
[Mr] Jamz Yaneza Trend Micro Incorporated Philippines
[Mr] Wang Jiangmin Beijing Jiangmin New Science Technology Co., Ltd China
[Mr] Liu Xu Beijing Rising Computer Sci. & Tech. Co, Ltd. China
[Mr] Gakuto Masuda Code Logical & Co.,LTD Japan
[Mr] Katuyuki Okamoto Trend Micro Incorporated Japan
[Mr] Sanjay Katkar President Product Development
Cat Computer Services Pvt.Ltd
Central Command Inc Corporate member USA
[Mr] Peter Ferrie Principal Software Engineer
[Mr] Govind Rammurthy Managing Director
MicroWorld Technologies Inc.
[Mr] Sunil Kripalani GM-International Sales
MicroWorld Technologies Inc.
[Mr] Srivatsa V. N. Manager-Technical Support
Proland Software
[Mr] John O. Hermano Product Manager
Trend Micro
[Ms] Shoko Takahashi Virus Analyst
Trend Micro
[Mr] David Harley Support Services Manager
NHS Information Authority

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