How to Configure HAWK for OutLook Express: [click for OutLook]

How to use and Configure the HAWK Module:

1. Use the following steps to configure HAWK

2. From the VirusScan main window select Pick a task.

3. From the task window displayed, select Change my VirusScan settings.

4. From the next window, select Configure VShield background scanning.

5. From the next window, select Customize your VShield settings.
The Scan Properties sheet displays.

6. Select the HAWK icon.
The Outlook properties sheet displays.

7. Select the Enable HAWK for Outlook checkbox to alert you if potential e-mail viruses are running.
Selecting this check box activates all remaining options displayed on the HAWK property sheet. Clear this checkbox to disable all configuration options and to prevent the HAWK module from examining your Outlook e-mail messages and their attachments.

All HAWK options are selected, by default. To deactivate an option without deactivating HAWK, clear the check box preceding the option.

8. Click Apply.

HAWK Options

General section:

Enable pattern monitoring: Select this checkbox to have the HAWK module monitor e-mail subjects and size of the message body.

If more than one message is about to be sent with similar subjects and message body sizes, then an alert message will display and you can choose to either continue or cancel. If you choose to Continue, then all e-mail messages will be sent.
If you choose to Cancel, then all presumed duplicate e-mail messages will be stored in your Outbox for your review. Upon your review, you can choose to either send or delete the message(s).

Alert when: Select this checkbox to alert you when there has been an attempt to send 2 to 20 e-mail messages within 3 to 60 seconds. Use the spin box to choose the number and time frame for these settings.


Alert when an e-mail is at least: Select this checkbox to alert you when there has been an attempt to send e-mail messages to 1% to 100% of your address book; or to 10 to 999 recipients within your address book.

Use the spin box to select the percentage or number of address book recipients.


Enable attachment monitoring: Select this checkbox to enable (e-mail) attachment monitoring.

Embedded attachments: Select this checkbox to alert you when you are about to open an e-mail message that contains an Embedded attachment.

An Embedded Attachment is a file that can be an executable program or application.

User Specified files: Select this checkbox to alert you when your are about to open an e-mail attachment that contains a file extension in the list of extensions that you do not allow.

Extensions: Click this button to see the current trusted extension list that the HAWK application will use to guide its scan operations.

Use this list to confine your scan operations to those files most susceptible to infection. Doing so speeds up system performance and shortens scan times.

How to configure HAWK for OutLook Express:

Hostile Activity Watch Kernel (HAWK) is a VirusScan option that enables constant monitoring for suspicious activity that may indicate a virus is present on your system. Suspicious activity includes:

An attempt to forward e-mail to a large portion of your address book.

Attempts to forward multiple e-mail messages in rapid succession.

E-mail attachments containing program files (executable files with an .exe file extension) or scripts that can be used to mask the actual type document transmitted to you.

Although VirusScan does an excellent job detecting known viruses, it cannot detect new viruses without a DAT file update. By monitoring for these typically malicious activities, HAWK notifies you and lets you take action before damage occurs. HAWK can prevent viruses, worms, and Trojans from spreading further, while VirusScan cleans the virus to remove it from your computer.