Why you need to use your Virus Scanning Software
[or get a program if you don't have one]

The three top programs to use are McAfee, Norton AntiVirus or PC-Cillin. True, there are others but as the adage goes, you get what you pay for. Virus scanning software will be about the cheapest BUT MOST IMPORTANT software you will have installed on your computer after your operating system.
I will cover the "Big Guns" of scanning software because you should have ONLY the best. You have all kinds of anti-theft devices for your precious posession which were NOT cheap, so, for your computer, only the BEST will do. To cut corners, is NOT an option for your computer!
The programs average between $30-$70. If you are near a Costco, when you purchase the software, there is usually a rebate. I literally got my McAfee for nothing. It cost $40 and I recieved a $40 rebate [January 2002]. Such a Deal!!
They all provide free virus definition updates and scan engines for at least one year: McAfee provides free for as long as you have the software version [provided it still works with your operating system and the scan engine is capable of handling the latest virus definitions].

Well, lets get down to business and show you how to use it!

Norton AntiVirus