Just to show you how easy it is to get virus code:


Virus and Trojans Code
09/02/02 Vaevictisv11 - By Benny
08/27/02 Worm.Win32.Nautical
08/24/02 Pest v3.1 - By MonkeyCircus
08/13/02 VIRUSKIT v1.0 by thecodemaker
08/05/02 Force Trojan V1.57 - Client and Server
07/31/02 Idiot NetBusInfector version 1.0
07/31/02 Net-devil 1.5 - a good trojan with tons of options
07/30/02 How to Make a Destructive Trojan, by Jockstrap!
07/30/02 W32.APLORE@mm Virus Info and removal help
07/24/02 IRTTH v1.0 Trojan By The ChaKal
07/18/02 ExeBundle V1.31 - put 2 exe files into one
07/16/02 Remote operations Client Kit v2.2 - remote administration tool
07/16/02 Remote operations Help v2.2 - remote administration tool
06/11/02 Virus prevention for windows 9x
06/11/02 Netbusfucker remote tool by hibrid2001
06/04/02 Pest v1.0 client/server program
05/28/02 A text explaining the activex startup method in subseven 2.2
05/28/02 A pioneering new remote administration tool
05/14/02 BitDefender AntiKlez scans your PC for any traces of Win32.Klez
09/02/02 Batch Files - By CplusPlus_Cpp
08/06/02 Flood Em v1.0 - a net send flood batch file
08/01/02 ISS Remote Control - By Marc Ruef
08/01/02 WinPopUp Flooder 1.0 - By Marc Ruef
08/01/02 Trend Micro OfficeScan Denial of Service - By Marc Ruef
07/30/02 Fixed KeyLog V1.1 Source code
07/30/02 A very basic kazaa virus with delphi 6 source code
07/22/02 KeyLog V1.1 Source code
07/22/02 Accessing pricate data-members in C++ - by Môhit Nanda
07/11/02 VB code that would prevent you from shutting down a VB app
07/05/02 Basic tutorial on Permutations and Combinations
06/26/02 How to write secure perl scripts
06/10/02 Anonymous e-mailing with cgi by Canibus
05/30/02 RISCCISC tutorial by banshee
05/30/02 Fortran 77 tutorial by banshee
05/29/02 Assembly language tutorial by banshee
05/29/02 Java programming tutorial by banshee
05/29/02 C++ Tutorial by banshee
05/28/02 Fake Yahoo Messenger Source - by assassin007
05/27/02 65 bitches - dos batch file by 3kn

This is to show you, [without giving you the source for this info — ] how easy it is to get the virus code for download and then send it to someone via the Net through emails or downloads. This was part of a web site page.
The sender [who sends you the virus] has ways of protecting his ID through his ISP before he sends the email, and finding out who sent it, can be impossible. Please excuse some of the language in the virus info listed above but that's the language they use for the ID purposes of naming nomenclature.

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