I've been invaded by a virus / worm . . . . Now, what do I do?

What ever program you use, Norton, McAfee, PC-Cillin etc., with regards to viruses, you usually can clean them. Sometimes, however, you will need a utility that you can get from the AV site to install and follow the instructions to clean your files. WARNING: Only get the utility or instructions from your AV software site. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT accept cleaning utilities from email attachments, chat rooms, downloads from other than the AV software's site that you are using.

Your AV software site has a special section just for virus / worm / trojans information and cleaning instructions. Sometimes, you will need to go to a DOS prompt and type a "string" and hit the "enter" key. "String" is simply a group of commands [words telling your computer and software what to do] that when typed at the DOS prompt and then hitting the "enter" key, an action(s) is performed. In this case, the files are cleaned. You will get a confirmation usually telling you the process is complete and was either successful or not [that would be BAD-OY!].

In regards to worms, usually they are to be deleted but if they have been on your computer long enough, they can damage files which too, will have to be deleted. At your AV site, doing a "search" for the name of the worm, or if it's common and in the "wild" already, you will find a listing for it and/or it's variants. Oh yes, when the virus writer sees that the AV software has discovered the virus / worm etc., he will create [or has already created] several versions of the "malware." The information on the worm etc., will list the known variants. The instructions for cleaning or deleting or downloadable cleaning utilities will be listed. Print the page so you'll have the needed instructions. This is especially important if you have to type a "string" at a DOS prompt. You want to type the EXACT instructions with no spaces or spelling errors.

Each AV program is different and will execute different instructions. In most cases, you can "quarantine" the files for cleaning until you are completely sure as to what to do. After getting the instructions, you will feel more confident in the procedure you will take. This may sound weird but one good virus invasion and eradication experience IS a good learning step to help with future preventative measures.

Hope this helps, please go to the feedback page and let me know what other info should be included here. Always make sure your virus definitions are up to date. The AV software can scan and find a virus / worm etc., but if it's not up to date, it can't clean / delete the nasty hairball! Virus prevention is the BEST medicine. Let's be careful out there and be able to say:


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