Useful Links Outside this site on Additional Virus Info; Please visit once a week for additional links ~ The more info to ARM you with, the better !!
When you need to know if it was a HOAX or not, check out these sites
"Hoax News" One of several links to check on email hoaxes
Norton's HOAX Page At Symantec, check out their hoax page
Urban Legends & Folklore Just copy the specific info from the email relating to the questionable text, and paste it into the "search" in the upper right corner of this site. Been VERY helpful to me.
Truth or Fiction Another site to check out those hoaxes/urban legends
Myths & Legends More Myths & Legends and Virus Hoaxes
Health Related Hoaxes To check out health related hoaxes and rumors
How to Spot a Virus Hoax Great info for techniques on how to spot hoaxes
Hoax Heuristics The mechanics of a virus
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—Sites with info on Virus Scanning Software and Interesting Security Issues—
PowerWeb Connect On the Home Page of this ISP, click virus link [in left navigation bar] for a plethora of info including spam/virus protection.
F-Prot F-Secure's Site: Another Virus Scanning Software Program that should be included with the top three
TrendMicro Trapping the world's most prevalent viruses
International Computer Association's Web site AntiVirus and Firewall Info
I C A Web Site Addition info from the above site but strictly virus related info
The WildList Organization International Info on viruses in the wild and how they get there [This site is AMAZING!!]
FAQ Page of WildList What IS the WildList and what does it mean?
Sarah Gordon's Web Site Profile of the virus writer [Want to get inside their mind]
Anti-Virus Software and other links From the web site [plethora of info]
McAfee Security The AVERT Site AVERT (AntiVirus Emergency Response Team), AVERT’s goal is to advise and alert, not alarm.
Virus Bulletin Another AMAZINGLY INFORMATIVE Site. Full of info, technical workings of viruses and additional links outside the site. VERY IMPRESSIVE! [Actual quote from site: Virus Bulletin magazine is firmly established as an indispensable source of reference for anyone concerned with the prevention, detection and removal of computer viruses.] The Brits are definitely on top of the prevention and detection of viruses!
Smart Computing Mag Link to specific virus info article at Smart Computing. Visit their site to see what the magazine is all about!
IBM Antivirus Products/Research/Support [This link maybe broken but try it and see] Let me know if it is broken. In time the URL may change. But go to the main site for AV links.
Aladdin Security Portal Virus updates & alerts, Safe mail, Glossary of terms and more
Anti-Virus Research — Scientific Papers White Papers written on various virus topics [very informative]
Technologically Enabled Crime: Shifting Paradigms for the Year 2000 [Mind of Virus Writer, Virus Exchange Networks, How Hacking Tools Travel, MalWare, etc. What it is . . . sefl-explanitory - 14 jammed packed info
Gibson Research Corporation Steve Gibson created "Shield's Up" a port scanning program that will scan your IP online for free. You could spend hours at this site. Steve, a programmer for 35+ years has worked [this being his latest project!] to discover how the DoS [Denial of Service] works and communicated with a 13 year old kid who literally crashed many sites with the DoS. Thirteen, what a waste, he could be helping companies create powerful firewalls and sit "purdy" for the rest of his life! This is a great "personal" site to peruse and full of "techy" and layman info.
Sophos, British AV Company British Anti-Virus Company [provides AV software, virus info, and an email subscription notification list]
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—~— Links to Glossary of Virus Terminology —~—
Command Software Sytems Glossary of Virus Terms
McAfee's Glossary of Virus Terms Glossary of Virus Terms
—~— Info on Emailing Spoofing Prevention —~—
Info on Emailing Spoofing Prevention: Hackers use devious email sending methods to "fake" you into thinking you received a legitimate email.
Email Bombing and Spamming: Articles on Spamming and Denial of Service.
—~—Symantec Free Scanning Service—~—
Symantec Free Scanning Service Symantec Security Check ~ Scans for Portal weakness and viruses on your computer
More to Come ~ Please Come Back!
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