Posters, fliers and brochures encompass a variety of needs. Some can be for a one time event...others, require high resolution out put with a veneer to prevent finger prints. The later, when an important impression must be made to attract potential clients, is usually created from a file, out put to film, and the film delivered to the printer for large quantities.

Bowzer Bird Design is a full service graphic design studio providing you with a one time poster, brochure etc., or quantity high resolution imaging for off set printing.

High Resolution Brochure for EVI

This brochure, for Electric Vehicle Infrastructure, Inc., was a high resolution out put because their prospective clients are the major car companies like Chrysler, Ford, Honda and Toyota.

To view the actual brochure, click on this link.

Poster for Discovery Productions

This was a one time poster for a concert.
The original was than copied at a copy
house like Kinko's for distribution.

Again, this was a one time event poster for a Sunrise Easter Service at Twelve Bridges Golf Club in Roseville CA. The original was than copied at a copy house like Kinko's for distribution.

ICCC Cover Design 1 ICCC Cover Design 2ICCC Cover Design 3

This was a concept for a brochure cover for The International Christian Chamber of Commerce. Which one did they choose?

User Guide for EVI Charge Stations

This was a high resolution cover for Electric Vehicle Infrastructure, Inc.'s User Guide for their ICS-200 charge station.

Poster for Big Tent Revival Rock Band

Another poster for a one time event. Posters are a great venue for advertising events at schools, fairgrounds and concert halls. I can provide a master copy for you to have several other copies made at your local copy house. If a large quantity is needed, I can provide the file for the service bureau and than the printer for off set printing.

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