Bowzer Bird Design, a leading graphics and web developing studio resides in the *Blue Hole* of Washington in Sequim, and serves the graphic design needs of this community..
Sono una animatrice pazzo, il normale è molto noioso!
[ I am one crazy animator, normal is very boring ]

Here's how to get in touch with us:

Box 3782 ~ Sequim WA 98382


FAX: 360-683-5102
email: Ellen Morrison

Ellen Morrison, the owner, will create a design unique for you and for your clients admiration. We at Bowzer Bird Design take pride in giving you a high quality end product. Here are some of the services we provide to put you in the forefront of your industry:

Web Site Development
(for web site package prices click this Adobe Acrobat Reader will open to view pricing. link)

Logo Design & Development

Ad Campaigns

Photography (also have digital equipment)

Business Cards & Letterhead Packages

Fliers / Brochures / Banners

Resumè from Ellen Morrison

In graphic design projects for my clients, I help them convey images that place them in the forefront of the industry they represent. You want to stand out from the crowd by the quality of the goods and services you provide, but still attract prospective clients / customers. The graphic representation you give / show them should implant a positive image they will remember you by.

You are more than just a piece of paper!


Just a happy chile am I, all smiles for ya all!

ellabella, the bowzer Bird

Acronym for BowzerBird
B.O.W.Z.E.R.B.I.R.D.: Being Optimized for Warfare and Zealous Exploration/Robotic Biomechanical Individual
Responsible for Destruction [Not Really]

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