Are you on a Weight Loss Journey or want to start one?

Hello, I’m Ellen Morrison, a member of Curves [Auburn California] since September 2003 and have lost over 80 lbs.. [as of May 3, 2004]
Many women have asked me how I did it. There was no secret formula I followed. I just realizing I needed to re-program my life-style and eating habits.
The weight loss journey I started and will follow for the rest of my life is designed for my specific needs. We are all different and require different needs to accomplish this wonderful goal.
I will help counsel anyone on their own Weight Loss Journey covering the following areas:

In our counseling sessions we will cover the following areas:
  • Defining the goal you want to achieve
  • Being honest with yourself about you and your weight
  • Realizing achievable expectations and goals
  • Past experiences holding you back [childhood issues]?
  • Does your external environment control eating habits?
  • Are you an impulsive eater – Is food your friend?
  • Learn to control what you eat – fast food vs. prepared food
  • Importance of exercise – You’re already at Curves!!
  • Your support group – saboteurs: recognize them!
  • Medical conditions that can slow down the progress
  • And any other questions that may arise during the sessions

The sessions will average 1 hour and cost $25/session. If the session goes over an hour, I am NOT in this for the money, I want to see you visualize AND achieve YOUR GOALS. It will STILL ONLY BE $25/session.
Please call:
Ellen Morrison ~ 530.885.1146 or cell: 916.531.9299