Remember the "Rat Pack" with Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Dino Martin, and whoever else? Those guys would "Roast" each other in a fun and humorous way. There wasn't any personal vendetta intended and all was done with respect BUT with a twist of humor.

The following is the "Roast" between two such men, both preachers, revealing, that even God is capable of a sense of humor. The men are, John Muncy (with the beard) and Doug Bird (the last name here, is the key to most of the composited pics). Compositing can be fun ~ superimposing one image into another by integrating them into a realistic image is an art. So real yet so false.

Images on left are before, images on right are after compositing.

Enjoy with hearty laughter ~ "Life is really just a chair of bowlies."


A Really BIG Bird!


A New Version of Big Bird


The Birds



The Bird



John Muncy Unaltered

Here Leezard Leezard Leezard

Look closely at the Taco Bell Poster. It's a Y2K Taco Bell Doug!

Biker Unaltered



Doug with his HD



John and Doug

John took a strong Y2K stance ~ store and be ready. Doug thought Y2K was a joke.



John and Doug YToupee

Therefore, John was Y2K compliant, Doug was YToupee compliant!



Sistene Chapel Before



Sistene Chapel After



Brain Doner Before

This original image came from PEI magazine.


Brain Doner After

Oh what a little compositing will do!



This was a Parody ~ Any humerous, satirical, or burlesque imitation, as of a person, event etc.. To imitate (a composition, author, etc.) for purposes of satire.