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In the rapidly emerging infrastructure technology for Electric Vehicles, one company has surfaced as an acknowledged leader in the field. That company is Electric Vehicle Infrastructure, Inc., (EVI ®), and they have positioned themselves as an internationally recognized engineering and manufacturing firm devoted solely to the design and implementation of EV infrastructure. EVI is extensively involved in the research and development of the Charging Station and their peripherals. They have created electronic hardware, along with upgradeable software and networking technology, specific to the EV industry. EVI brings cutting-edge innovation to the forefront through the development of safe and cost-effective equipment.

EVI provides market driven, performance tested products and their technology has conformed to all recognized practices and specifications that meet or exceed the standards recognized by industry leaders. Such as, SAE J1772, National Electrical Code (NEC) Section 625, UL 2202, UL 2231, UL 1998 Safety Software.

Satisfying the demanding needs of multiple markets is the driving force behind EVI's product line. This has been accomplished with the unique modular design and expansion capabilities of all their products. Each is engineered to meet a variety of commercial and consumer requirements that are adaptable to market evolution and growth.

EVI's technology has proven itself in thousands of working installations throughout the world assisting the vehicle manufacturers, utilities, government agencies, and the private sector to develop safe, user friendly infrastructure products for commercial and residential applications. The list of vehicle manufacturers using EVI equipment is quite impressive, such as; BMW, DiamlerChrysler's EPIC Van, as well as Mercedes' "A" Car, Ford, Honda, Mazda, Solectria, Toyota, and others coming to market including converters.

EVI is unique in its qualifications, experience and expertise. This is the kind uniqueness that has established EVI as a competitive and versatile innovator in this emerging industry. No Company is more committed to making the electric vehicle a viable and practical alternative to present day hydrocarbon modes of transportation.

EVI a name you can trust to bring you -- safe, intelligent power for your electric vehicle.

EVI Logo

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure, Inc.
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