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EVI Releases UL Listed, Y2K Compliant
EV Charge Station

Auburn, California -- December 3, 1997 -- Electric Vehicle Infrastructure, Inc. (EVI ®) has completed development on an electric vehicle charging station that combines UL listing under UL 2202 with Y2K compliance. This charging station is the latest achievement of EVI's extensive development program for charging stations designed to be safe and reliable.

The ICS-200™ charging station, when loaded with 1.2.16 or later versions of software releases becomes the safest, simplest, most reliable charging station available. It is designed for plug-in, walk away operation that will automatically charge a consumer's car during off-peak hours, or immediately begin charging EVs that are part of a fleet. UL 2202 listing reflects extensive safety-related investigation of the ICS-200 series by UL's safety investigators. Y2K compliance reflects EVI's rigorous in-house testing and design quality programs. The Y2K problem, well-known in the computer industry, can cause computerized systems to malfunction or worse as the year 2000 approaches and the date, often stored as a two-digit number by computers, "rolls over" from 99 to 00. Additional problems can arise on February 29, leap day, in any year. The ICS-200 series running 1.2.16 or later versions of its software handles both effortlessly.

In addition to UL listing and Y2K compliance, 1.2.16 or later versions of software releases contain several usability enhancements and changes that were made to improve the ICS-200's ability to charge cars under unusual conditions based on input from various auto manufacturers.

EVI is encouraging all users of its ICS-200 series to upgrade the software in their units to 1.2.16 or later. A free software upgrade to 1.2.18 is available on EVI's download page.



EVI ® Y2K Certification

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure, Inc. (EVI ®) confirms that the ICS-200 series software versions 1.2.16 or later have been tested extensively and certify that all these versions of software should properly process and use dates before, during, and after the transition from December 31, 1999, to January 1, 2000.

EVI performed operational tests of the Personal Protection Device, Maintenance Power, Stop Compliance Restart, Cold Load Pickup, Compliance Charging, Demand Charging, Safety Watchdogs, Power Loss Recovery, Periodic Self-Test, and Venting Fan. Functionality of the software was done by using a number of dates including but not limited to December 31, 1999; January 1, 2000; February 28, 2000; February 29, 2000; March 1, 2000; and dates following the year 2000.

According to the results of these tests, the ICS-200 series should not abnormally end or provide incorrect or invalid results due to date data, including dates that represent a different century.

EVI's ® other products such as the DS-50, MCS-100 and MCS-600 series do not incorporate any time or date features and are Y2K compliant in the same way that a screwdriver is.

EVI will continue to test future versions of its date and time sensitive products for Y2K compliance.

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