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ICS-200 Utilities

We at EVI are dedicated to making life easy and pleasant for our partners as well as our end users.  To this end, we are making available some PC-based utilities that technically advanced personnel can use in their own EV and infrastructure development and deployment.

Please note that for safety reasons, all of these utilities require an additional piece of hardware known as a Field Installation and Configuration System or "FICS" to communication with the ICS-200.  Contact Technical Services at EVI (call:1 530 823-8077 ) for pricing.

Unless otherwise indicated, all utilities run under Windows 3.11, 95, and NT.

 Magma Version 3.10 OSLM screen now fits on 640x480 VGA display   MD5 Hash Code: 32a1be5c1fa301491417f5e27ba46f5f
Magma Version 3.00 or higher REQUIRED for release 1.2.15 and production ICS-200s. 
Magma supersedes WinEventLogger.
  MD5 Hash Code: e0b891e283c19f3538fb49061e97e1c2 
WinEventLogger Version 1.20 REQUIRED for release 1.1.47 and production ICS-200s.    MD5 Hash Code: 8e818bc44a9467566ba1b33b7976f7d9 
 WinEventLogger Version 1.10 For event logging and state monitoring.    MD5 Hash Code: f8d5c92a5464197e49871578c5bdcded
WinEventLogger Version 1.00    MD5 Hash Code: f634e49ebdff77c3c07f7845756d518d 
Note: The MD5 Hash Code is a secure checksum that can be used to verify the downloaded file's integrity.  Technical data on MD5 is available.

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